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What are the reasons why athletes want medical marijuana cards?

Feb 20

What are the reasons why athletes want medical marijuana cards?

An increasing number of former and current players express concern about the use of cannabis for pain relief. They believe it's safer than opioids and is more efficient.

Football is notoriously challenging. The players often suffer painful injuries that lead to high-dose painkillers being prescribed to manage. They could be winning in this current climate of worry over the excessive use of opioids.

Football and Brain Injuries

Individual states have passed laws that allow residents to utilize medical cannabis for pain relief and other ailments. While federal laws prohibit it, they continue to legislate at the state and local levels. Many NFL players are now aware of the negative impacts playing sports can have on their bodies, and are advocating for policy changes. They hope that their efforts will result in the approval of medical marijuana as a pain management alternative and treatment for sports-related brain injuries (TBI).


TBI is described by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke as "when a sudden trauma results in brain damage." This is because professional footballers are typically exposed to head trauma that is severe and aggressive playing. In April of 2016, the study revealed that as high as 40% of ex-NFL footballers suffered from TBI. This figure is much higher than that of non-athletes. Researchers discovered a connection between the history of a player's play and the possibility of developing signs of TBI.


This research comes from a growing awareness that football players are particularly at risk of chronic trauma cerebrovascular encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a condition caused by frequent head injuries and TBIs that can eventually cause brain damage. CTE can't be confirmed until the body of a deceased NFL player is evaluated. However, the current and former NFL players show indications of the existence of the disease. These include memory loss and dementia.


Cannabis can be used to treat and even prevent pain.

Recent research has shown that medical cannabis can be utilized to treat or even prevent CTE. This could improve the quality of life for those who are at risk.


Cannabis may have benefits in the treatment of brain trauma. Research has proven that CBD and CBD trigger brain receptors that guard against damage to the brain following acute or chronic brain injury. The compounds found that are found in medical cannabis could provide a protective factor both before as well as after trauma, possibly lessening their effects.


The legalization of recreational marijuana is getting more well-known in states. The consumer must decide if they want to purchase medical or recreational cannabis products. Because it's distinct, athletes would prefer medical marijuana to recreational marijuana.

Why should you choose to go with medical instead of recreational?

Many reasons could make athletes choose medical marijuana over recreational. Consider first that athletes tend to be traveling. Certain states have not yet legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. A few states don't allow marijuana to be used for any purpose. The first athletes to utilize Missouri's medical marijuana dispensaries. It's still illegal for anyone to consume recreationally. The states that regulate it require that athletes who plan to travel there obtain the 420 marijuana card. Some states permit medical marijuana cardholders to buy their cannabis outside their state. For travelers who travel frequently, medical marijuana could be an appealing option.


It is simpler and more affordable to get products

Another reason to choose medicinal over recreational is that it's typically less expensive. Although there is an initial cost for the card and associated services but the marijuana card 420 will help the user save money over the long term by providing higher-quality pricing, as well as easier access. While many states have stricter rules concerning recreational marijuana products, others are more flexible and offer lower costs. In addition, medical marijuana programs are more secure than dispensaries for recreational use. Because they're older and more equipped to handle abrupt spikes in demand, medical marijuana dispensaries are more reliable than recreational ones. This makes it simpler to find the appropriate products for athletes. So, having a medical marijuana card is an advantage.

The athletes will not only benefit from more reliable products access, however, but they will also have the opportunity to choose from a wider selection of products. For medical equipment, strict standards are applied. There are special products available for specific purposes or ailments. It is much easier to go to a medical store than to shop at a recreational one.


It's not just for athletes.

This trend isn’t just for athletes. People all over the world find medical marijuana to have numerous benefits.

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