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Enjoy the hidden perks of your Illinois Medical Marijuana Card

Mar 29


The 2019 Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act was signed by Illinois. It is the first state in the country that has legalized recreational marijuana through legislation and not through an initiative of the voters. The initiative was a huge success and the demand for cannabis been on the rise in COVID-19 lockdowns. This has led to Illinois cannabis sales in 2020 are projected to surpass the billion-dollar amount.

Many people don't know the benefits of obtaining an Illinois medical marijuana recommendation. There are tax credits and various cannabis products.


The three most elusive benefits to receiving the Illinois medical cannabis prescription

Medical marijuana cards are definitely worth the expense.


1. Major marijuana items in Illinois at discounts as high as 30%

The card is ineffective when you meet one of the medical conditions that qualify as qualifying.


A tax on excise in Illinois is an additional tax that Illinois applies to certain products. The excise tax in Illinois can be as high as 25% for cannabis products purchased from certain dispensaries.


Add 6.5% sales tax. Other than the state retailer's 1% occupational tax medical marijuana cardholders may be exempt from paying taxes. It could save you almost a third of your annual cannabis expenses.


2. Illinois Purchase more cannabis

The present Illinois recreational marijuana purchase limits are 1.05 pounds per week. Read more about the limits here.


Ask your dispensary about Illinois medical marijuana patient programs. A lot of dispensaries offer discounts or have a limited supply of high-quality products for patients who are medical marijuana users.


Customers are often unaware they have an Illinois Medical Marijuana Card provides additional legal protection. It permits you to purchase in bulk and helps save more money.


3. Higher quality Illinois CBD and cannabis options

Your medical marijuana card can improve the potency of Illinois cannabis. Access to medical marijuana dispensaries licensed by the state is feasible. It allows you to get high-quality cannabis from organic and local cultivators.


Growing your own cannabis is another clever way to regulate your consumption quality. You are legally able to grow top-quality organic cannabis in Illinois using the medical marijuana card you have.


There are numerous reasons to get a medical card in Illinois. The most compelling reason I can think of is that you're supporting the whole cannabis industry. The accessibility to medical marijuana will rise if more patients are able to use it.

How much does Illinois Medical Marijuana prices?

You could apply for a one, two, and three-year identification card for registry. The original fees for state programs have been halved in recent changes. The medical marijuana card in Illinois costs:

  • For $50, you can get a 1-year ID card

  • For $100, you can get a two-year ID card

  • A 3-year ID costs $125. card


The applicants who are eligible for a reduced-fee application may be eligible if they have Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income. The application fees are:

  • For $25, you can get a one-year ID card

  • For $50, you can get a two-year ID card

  • A 3-year ID costs $75. Card


The following charges apply to caregivers:

  • A one-year ID costs $25. Card

  • A 2-year ID costs $50. card

  • For $75, you can get a 3-year ID Card

  • The caregivers will pay $75 for a patient who is already registered. Both the caregiver's as well as card for the patient expire at same date.

For more information please visit:


10646 Baptist Church Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128, United States

(800) 478-1984)

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