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What's Wrong with Hiring Inexperienced Truck Drivers?

Apr 26

If that's the case, you'll need to look elsewhere. A lot of companies have drivers who drive trucks. One of the biggest concerns Los Angeles trucking firms get from their customers is whether or not they're capable of driving on the interstate using a commercial driver's license when under 21.


Trucking companies hire drivers who aren't experienced.


Many companies are willing to employ drivers who have no prior background because of a shortage of drivers. The trucking company hopes the new employee will work out, stick with them for a long period of time, do minimal damage to their equipment, and fill in a gap.


Trucking businesses that hire novice drivers risk putting themselves and their customers at risk. It is essential to take into consideration the cost of training and keeping the driver in the future, and also the possible negligence-related lawsuits that could be able to file in the event of the driver being involved in a major accident while working for your company.

In the ideal scenario, the Attorney for The Plaintiff Would Like To See


Sometimes, the plaintiff's lawyers have more information than the average trucking company on the subject of recruiting drivers.


Companies that transport goods could be held accountable for negligent hiring if an attorney can convince a jury that the trucking company employed incompetent employees, or that all federal paperwork was not properly completed.


In certain circumstances, insurers may not be able to cover punitive damages. Insurance companies are not able to pay for punitive damages across states.


Due to this, Los Angeles trucking companies are liable for the injuries caused by their vehicles. Only hire qualified drivers, especially if they're not experienced or are cited, or have been involved in accidents. This could jeopardize the future of your trucking business.

There are several things you should consider when you are hiring a new driver


What's the benefit of hiring CDL holders who haven't had a job for two years? Here are some things to remember when choosing a driver:


  • Are they farmers, experienced, or a mechanic who has an impressive work record?

  • Is this driver's MVR clean?

  • How many years of truck driving experience does the truck driver have?

  • Is the driver in compliance with FMCSA regulations?

  • A qualified driver trainer is in place to oversee the driver training program of your company.

  • Does there exist a specific region that which this driver will be operating? Is there a city of major importance where the driver is expected to go?

  • Does your insurance provider have a long history, a good loss ratio, and an up-to-date driver list that includes competent and reliable drivers?


If in doubt, talk to your risk advisor for guidance. It is much better to be proactive rather than to rescind an offer or expose your business to risk in the future.

Whatever you decide to do, however, make sure you set and enforce consistent guidelines for hiring drivers.

Establish uniform hiring procedures that apply to every department. So long as Los Angeles trucking companies truly follow the policy it is among the best ways to defend your firm against a negligent hiring lawsuit.

Disqualifiers must be explicitly stated in the policies, and should not change in response to the number of applicants. All employees and potential employees should be able to access these policies. These rules can also be displayed in public places to ensure that recruiters are accountable for the performance of the candidates they recruit.

There is no end to the difficulty of finding skilled, competent, and safe truck drivers any time coming. The key is hiring, educating, and retaining the top drivers in your firm.c


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