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Concrete Driveway by South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

Jun 6

Concrete Driveway created by South Bend Concrete Contractors Co

For a homeowner, building houses with materials that don't just look attractive, but provide durability, strength and long-lasting use is essential. You're most likely to have lots of things to be done and repairs to do every day, so making it a priority to use low-effort materials should always be the first priority. Concrete is now one of the most sought-after driveway materials and has a good reason for that. The durability, versatility of the material, its strength, and easy maintenance make concrete an ideal choice. From custom-designed patterns, colors and textures to plain grey concrete your driveway will not only look good but last for long time to be.

Concrete Driveway Services We Offer

Concrete Driveway Installation

In addition to having a professional team to lay your driveway we use only the best driveway materials when building. This allows our driveway experts to build a long-lasting surface that can withstand a variety of weather elements.

Concrete Driveway Repairs and Maintenance

Concrete repairs are needed when there are cracks appearing and other damage. If we take action to solve these issues, the more efficient. Our concrete maintenance assistance is available in case you are unable to take care of your driveway. We offer a consistent annual maintenance service, too at low costs. Please contact South Bend Concrete Contractor Co for more details on our services.

Types of Concrete Exterior Finishes for Driveways

Every customer is unique. They may have different design preferences. This is the reason South Bend Concrete Contractors Co offers a variety of concrete driveway finishes to pick from. Based on your style preference or the design of your property, you may opt to choose one of the followingoptions:

Polished Concrete Finish

polished finish can be the well-known choice of concrete finishing options. It's essentially an unadorned concrete surface that has the appearance of a flat, smooth finish. It's a great choice to those who have a small budget and those preferring a traditional or conservative driveway styles.

Stain Concrete Finish

Concrete surfaces are often boring and boring. Instead of its usual grey finish, choose to add color instead. When you opt for stained concrete it is possible to apply the color of your choice in order to create a stylish surface.

Decorative Concrete Finish

More commonly referred to in the form of stamped concrete decorative finishes are a good choice for more imaginative homeowners. If you're looking to create an intriguing aesthetic for your driveway then decorative concrete is the right choice. With this method you can add decorative features such as texture, color, and/or the design you prefer. We offer custom designs, too , if your desire the most personal look to your driveway.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Like the name suggests, the finish reveals aggregates like stones , sand and so on. It makes a slip-resistant finish that's very ideal for driveways. To create a smooth finish, we put in concrete, level it in turn, we then use a trowel. A chemical is used to treat it overnight. After that, rinse it using water to wash away the top layer. This will expose the aggregate.

Broom Finish

For this type of finishing, we make sure that the concrete surface is prepared to be level. Then, we close by trowelling or any other method of smoothing. Our finishing team will drag a concrete broom on the surface to create a rough texture. This technique creates an anti-slip surface.

Why Hire Us

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a reputable staff like us. We'll share with your the top factors that make property owners opt for our services over rivals.

High-End Concrete Driveways

Our firm is known to provide the highest quality, exterior concrete surface. We provide durable concrete driveways that will stand the wear and tear of the years. If there's a thing we take to ensure our customers get the best results we do not give up. We will not compromise our choice of materials nor the method we use to do things. We ensure that, in every job we undertake, we deliver as promised.


Professional Concrete Contractor

If you are a homeowner and you are a homeowner, you might want to try any DIY job you can to reduce your expenses. Certain tasks are best left to experts. To avoid costly errors and repairs concrete is something that should only be left to those trained and experienced. With state of the cutting-edge equipment and tools and years of knowledge, the technicians in South Bend Concrete Contractors Co can ensure that your concrete driveway is installed quickly and correctly the first time.

Affordable Concrete Driveway Cost

As previously mentioned the average cost for a concrete driveway can cost anywhere from $4 to $8 to $8 per square foot. It's higher for asphalt driveways and costs only $1-5 for each square foot. But, with concrete, you'll receive your price. If properly installed and maintained regularly concrete driveways last for more than 50 years. While asphalt driveways can only last up to 30 years.

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