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Nov 2

Now that weed is legal in Canada, it is vital to make sure  you are buying cannabis safely for you to consume. You want to make sure that the cannabis you are purchasing is not only the right kind for you but that it’s not going to harm you in any way.

You may be wondering how to figure out if the cannabis you are looking to purchase is safe or not. Do not worry, Cannafab has got you covered.

At Cannafab, we want to make sure you feel safe when purchasing cannabis from us. As such, we have compiled a list of ways to ensure that you know how to double and triple-check that your cannabis is safe, especially now that weed is legal in Canada.

Weed is Legal in Canada, But is it Safe?

The short answer: yes.

Let’s back it up a little bit, though. You are probably asking, “When was weed legalised in Canada?” Weed was legalized in Canada in 2018 for 30g of cannabis from government-licensed shops.

That may not seem like a long time ago, but things have been shifting and changing since then. Cannafab is on the scene, growing and evolving with the cannabis industry.

However, when weed was legalised in Canada, it opened the market for unsafe weed as well. If you want to ensure that you have the best cannabis experience, it’s imperative to figure out if the cannabis you’ve purchased is safe to consume.

How to Ensure Your Cannabis is Safe

Cannafab has broken down how to check to make sure your cannabis is safe for you, so you don’t have to figure it out:

1.Buy from reputable dispensaries.

First, make sure you are purchasing your cannabis from reputable dispensaries (like Cannafab, for example) Do your research before you buy.

2. Lab testing is essential.

While you are doing your research on cannabis dispensaries, make sure you look into their lab testing and what they have done to ensure their cannabis is safe to ingest.

3. Don’t buy from the guy down the street.

He may be a nice enough guy, but you don’t know where he grew it or what chemicals he used. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Buy an LED loupe to inspect for mold.

One you purchase an LED loupe, you can check out your cannabis for mold. This is the triple-check part of the process, since you would have already purchased your cannabis—just to make sure.

5. Read those customer reviews.

Possibly the number-one way to make sure your cannabis is safe is to read all the customer reviews. If they seem more negative than positive, or if people have had bad reactions, maybe look elsewhere for your cannabis needs.

Is Your Cannabis Safe?

If you take the steps mentioned above, you will purchase safe cannabis and even triple-check it at home again before consuming it. Using cannabis should be a secure experience, and at Cannafab, we want you to enjoy every minute of it.

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