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How To Make Real Money Playing RuneScape

Sep 15

Do you want to know how I make money playing RuneScape? Well, the truth is that most people don't bother with this question when they start. But if your intentions are real and not just for show then read on!

First things first, real-world trading is considered against the Jagex rules so there’s a chance that you can get your account banned for engaging in this type of activity. A good example of this is when you acquired 500 million worth of OSRS gold and you want to sell Old School RuneScape gold for real money to make a quick profit. You will then make the trade and receive the money in your bank account, PayPal, Skrill, or Bitcoin wallet.

Playing Old School RuneScape can be one way to get a lot of GP in a short amount of time. If you play it right, your character will level up fast and start engaging with profitable moneymaking methods that are available.

So, who do you do it?

Invest In A RuneScape Membership

RuneScape members have more access and get better benefits than non-paying members or those we like to call Free-To-Play players. If you plan on making money by playing RuneScape, it would be best if you invest in becoming a RuneScape member. Members have access to hundreds of quests, dozens of minigames, and members-only skills that can make you money if you train them properly.

You can either become a member by exchanging OSRS bonds for membership keys or simply buy your membership key on RuneScape’s official site or through a third-party company/person that sells one.

Do OSRS Quests

As a RuneScape beginner who plans to make money fast, you need to do some questing and unlock locations, items and train your OSRS skills. Following an OSRS Optimal Quest Guide can be beneficial as this helps you maximize your time and do quests in a manner that will allow you to train your skills and make some money at the same time.

Join A RuneScape Clan

The best way to play RuneScape is with a clan! There are many different types of clans that you can join and they all have their own goals. If you want help completing tough quests, or just need some company during your time in-game, then you should find a clan that you can join with.

There are different types of clans and you can join the one that best fits your goals and needs whether you’re looking for Player vs Monster (PvM) clans, Skilling clans, Community clans, or Minigames Clans.